Pod Bidding for Connected TV

Apply decisioning during pod construction to better manage fragmented demand, improve advertiser diversity and generate more revenue.

Pod Bidding

Gain More Transparency & Demand

Pod Bidding is built on Prebid open source, giving you more control and transparency into your ad tech — with unfettered, unified access to 100+ demand partners.


Increase Revenue & Ad Diversity

Requesting demand at the pod-level allows buyers to respond with a broader set of advertisers, helping you to increase ad diversity and revenue while reducing bid duplication. 


Control Decisioning for Slots & Pods

Advanced pod construction tools enable you to control the pricing and business rules for each slot and pod so you can properly curate demand, drive yield and improve viewer experiences.

CTV Ad Tech Needs an Upgrade

Growth in connected TV is surging, but much of the underlying ad tech is inefficient, stateless and in dire need of a change. In order to fully-capitalize on this growth, CTV publishers and broadcasters should look to move beyond...

  • 1.0 web-based ad tech. The ad tech largely being used in CTV today was originally designed for web-based environments, in which one pre-roll creative is generally delivered per one piece of content. This doesn't translate well to CTV, where audiences consume a continuous stream of content with multiple ad pods and slots that all need to be filled intelligently. 

  • Stateless, slot-based auctions: As a result of using this 1.0 web-based ad tech, most media sellers still rely on stateless auctions for individual ad slots — which leads to issues like over-requesting and bid duplication. By auctioning the entire pod at once via a stateful system, publishers can receive a more diverse array of advertisers in buyer responses' to ultimately drive better user experiences and stronger revenue. 

  • Lack of controls and transparency. In addition to moving towards a stateful system, publishers and broadcasters need more control over the pricing and business rules for each ad pod and slot — along with more transparency into the auction mechanics and the ads delivered within their ecosystem.

“The biggest issue in the space is that you have a 50% fill rate that the industry thinks can be solved through server-to-server integrations or with more demand. These are problems that are commanding more attention but what we really need is disruptive innovation on the sell side — in collaboration with publishers — to fix it rather than always looking to the buy side.”

Chris Maccaro, CEO, Beachfront


Beachfront's Pod Bidding Solution is stateful by design, enabling CTV publishers and programmers to increase yield by seamlessly auctioning full pods at once (instead of on a slot-by-slot basis) and more strategically managing the ad experience:

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