Pod Bidding for Connected TV

Beachfront's new Pod Bidding solution for CTV, built on open source Prebid, is geared to help premium video publishers generate more revenue by applying decisioning during pod construction, managing fragmented demand and improving viewer experiences. 

Pod Bidding for CTV

Built on Open Source

We're building our solution on Prebid, giving you more control over your advertising pods and ad tech — and access to 100+ demand partners.  


Built to Reduce Latency

With one call per pod that flattens the pod auction, we're speeding up auction times by 37% to drastically reduce challenges related to latency. 


Built for CTV Publishers

Our advanced podding tools will help you optimize all demand sources and types, while balancing revenue targets with user experiences. 

Our CTV Publisher Partners Have Spoken.

With connected (CTV) evolving, we continue to hear from our publisher partners that challenges related to demand decisioning, latency and pod construction are inhibiting further growth in the space. At Beachfront, we're building our Pod Bidding solution to help publishers...

  • Deliver Pod Decisioning to properly construct and auction ad pods across Prebid Adaptors, VAST and RTB demand sources — while supporting deduplication and competitive separation. 
  • Execute CTV monetization strategies based on key dimensions such as slot-based monetization rules, ad intervals, price floors and slot values - all while optimizing the user experience.  
  • Speed up auction times by 37% with simultaneous Server-to-Server calls, decisioning across the entire ad pod (at once), and tools for blocking latent buyers. 
  • Improve the advertising experience by better constructing pods, mitigating delivery errors and uncovering issues with ad frequency and ad cadence. 


Built on Open Source.

We're building our solution on Prebid to provide publishers with more transparency, more control over their auction engine and broader access to  demand sources:


Easy-to-use tools for modern CTV Publishers.

Curate demand with ease 

Add, edit and manage buyer relationships across 100+ demand sources and disparate types — including VAST, RTB and Prebid Adaptors. 

Add Buyers

Construct Pods

Construct pods with advanced controls

Execute pod monetization strategies based on dimensions most important to you — including desired margins, auction type, duration and slot-based price floors.

Analyze pod health in real-time 

Maintain a healthy user experience and content stream by analyzing and optimizing real-time performance stats and reporting on pod health. 

Analyze Health

Help build the future of CTV monetization 

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